10 Tips to Staying Healthy Over Spring Break

It is hard to keep a balance and routine when on vacation, especially when some may still be practicing winter habits! Here are 10 tips to finding your healthiest self even during Spring Break, while still indulging.

  1. Incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal to keep a healthy balance from the foods that you may not usually be eating while on vacation.
  2. Focus on getting your normal amount to an increased amount of sleep while you are away to help with the tolls that traveling can do to your body and to make sure your immune system has time to recover while being in a new place.
  3. Try to make a set plan for workouts every other day- It is okay to ease up on your workout routine while on vacation, but cutting it out completely may not be the smartest option. Finding local Fitness centers, gyms, or studios to take workout classes may be a fun way to incorporate Fitness into your routine while on vacation.
  4. Try to choose what nights and which restaurants you want to “unfocus” yourself from eating healthy. Make a plan to make sure that while eating out more, that doesn’t equal not eating healthy at all.
  5. Stay away from buffets to try and focus on portion control. If you chose to stray away from healthy eating, then having one dish that is unhealthy may be a smarter option then eating from a buffet.
  6. Make sure to still incorporate your regular vitamin and antioxidant regimen while on vacation. A great one to add while away would be Apple Cider Vinegar Pills to boost metabolism.
  7. Try to keep a balance by at least choosing to eat one healthy meal per day instead of indulging in all 3. This will help your body on somewhat of a regular routine to what it is used to.
  8. Anywhere that you can walk instead of drive- DO IT! This is a great way to burn extra calories without a full fledge workout. This could differ from place to place as to where you are visiting, but always a good idea.
  9. Focus on getting all of the food groups incorporated into every meal to make sure that your body is finding a balance. The more nutrition your body gets, the easier recovery and travel will be for you.
  10. Make sure to drink more water than usual to stay hydrated, especially if you are consuming alcohol somewhere tropical and fun-where the weather is different!

Enjoy and Happy Spring Break!

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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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