What the Perfect Day of Eating and Working out Looks like for Weight Loss

Everyone struggles with different concepts when it comes to losing weight. Some struggle with eating: portion control, finding healthy foods that they like, etc. Some struggle with working out: motivation, finding time, finding a workout that they like, etc. It is difficult to find and maintain a balance that promotes a healthy lifestyle as well as compliments the lifestyle that you currently have. For me, it involves waking up early to wake up my metabolism and eating breakfast around 7:00. Here is what a perfect day of healthy eating, exercise, and balance looks like for me.

5:30am- Wake up.

6:15am-7:15 am: Pure Barre or Solid Core Class.

7:45am: Make a green smoothie or gluten free almond butter toast for breakfast.

10:00am: Protein bar as a snack.

12:00pm: Eat a salad with protein, fruit or veggie as a side, nut or nut mix as a side, and usually a GOGO Squeeze or applesauce as a side for lunch.

3:00pm: Have a banana or apple as a snack.

4:30-5:30pm: If time is there, I usually do a mix of a cardio/ weight lifting workout before dinner.

6:15pm: Have a fish or meat protein with a veggie as a side for dinner.

9:30pm: Go to sleep for 8 hours sleep before repeating the next day.


The two workouts a day mix cardio, weight training, and resistance training to form the best recipe for weight loss. The lean meats and lots of protein aim for a sculpted body with little unhealthy fats . This, of course, would not work for everyone. But, I hope this gives everyone some great ideas on how to incorporate healthy living and eating into every day life!

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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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