10 of the Most Helpful Tips to Keep your Skin Moisturized Transitioning from Winter to Spring

  1. Moisturize immediately after your showers! This helps lock the moisture in.
  2. Moisturize more often than you usually do. I suggest 2-3 times a day with a moisture locking lotion or something approved by dermatologists.
  3. Use a humidifier at night! This will do your skin wonders!
  4. Use lotions with petroleum jelly on drier areas like your feet. This helps your skin heal faster and is full of more moisture as well as sinking the moisture deeper into your skin.
  5. Avoid using exfoliating masks and peels on your face. These are known to dry out your skin… While they do have some great other benefits, a moisturizing or brightening mask might be best for the Winter or Spring.
  6. Add a bit of oatmeal to your baths! It is important to mix it up.. and this is a great way to! If you have itchy skin in the winter, this is perfect for you. This has proven health benefits for your skin. Also, making sure that your bath or shower is luke warm is always a good idea to avoid the opening of pores to let the cold and frisk air in.
  7. Adding a teaspoon or less of olive oil to your lotion before you put it on! Also using olive oil for hair masks and letting it sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes before showering or washing it out is a great way to keep your hair from becoming dry and splitting.
  8. Try adding more honey and dairy based products to your diet! This makes a great addition to hair and skin care… especially for the winter months and making the transition to spring.
  9. Use gloves when cleaning to prevent the exposure to the cleaning chemicals which can damage your skin and make it dry out.
  10. Exfoliate your body at least once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells that might be on the top of your skin.. leaving room and access for the moisturizer to get through.

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  1. Great list, I”m always looking at things for my dry skin…the only thing I can’t use the petroleum, so I end up using something like Burt’s Bee’s Baby No Jelly … Jelly

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