10 Last Minute Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Need a last minute date idea for Valentine’s day tomorrow? You’re in the right place! Whether you need a cheap option or are willing to spend a little more, there are always options and cute ideas! Refer to my “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide” if you are looking for last minute gifts… this would only be a couple posts back.

  1. Get a couples massage : $$$

A great option for relaxing and having a nice time together!

2. Going for a hike

This is a cheap option (will barely cost anything besides gas) that can be super fun and memorable… great option especially for those who love Fitness and the outdoors.

3. Making Dinner @ Home together: $-$$

This is cheaper than going out, but can also be super fun and entertaining.. while just enjoying one another’s company.

4. Going to a Planetarium : $$

This is a romantic and sweet gesture but it also super fun and different!

5. Food Tour: $$$

Pick a food (ex: tacos) and hit all the best spots in town trying all the different variations! A fun and cheaper option to a wine tour.

6. Brunch: $$

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, it is harder to take work off. If y’all both work from home, a brunch could be a great idea and alternative to busy and crowded dinners out.

7. Taking an Art/ Painting Class together: $$-$$$

This could be a unique and meaningful way to spend Valentine’s day with a loved one doing something creative and out there!

8. Themed Movie Night

Make a casual dinner in and plan a movie night with all of your favorite movies (and some romantic ones too)

9. Go to an Arcade: $

This is a fun and cheap option to still go out, but do something that is not as popular as dinner at a nice restaurant would be. This could be super casual and a way to not take life so seriously!

10. Mini Golfing: $

This is also a fun way to spend Valentine’s day differently and this is also a great one if you are new into a relationship.

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