Purse/ Backpack/ Wallet Organization

It is difficult to keep an everyday bag clean and neat when you are using it every day…. but it is most important to keep it clean and tidy because of how often you use it! Here are some tips for keeping all of your important bags/purses/backpacks/wallets clean, neat, and organized in order to increase the function and use of the item!


1.Always have a cosmetic bag in your purse filled with your most used and daily needs (chap stick, mascara, pony tails, etc.)

2.Invest in a purse organizer that will be able to keep your bag clean and organized, you can buy them off of Etsy for about $30.

3.Keep your cards and cash in your wallet and not spread around in your bag, this makes it easier when you are checking out or in a rush.

4.Make use of the tiny pockets and compartments in your bag! I use my side pockets in my Neverfull for my eyelash brushes or for my keys.

5.Make sure that your purse is functional for you! It is hard to keep everything that is needed in a tiny bag when you need a big one, or hard to fill a small bag when you have nothing to put in it. Only keep necessities in your purse to avoid clutter.



1.Make sure that you do not keep clutter in there! It is so easy to keep junk in compartments when the bag is bigger.

2.Keep everything in clear containers so it is more easily visible and accessible.

3.Clean out your back-pack at least once a week. If you are using this to be functional as a student, make sure to keep the compartments with supplies, etc. restocked and replenished.

4.Label everything to avoid confusion AND to make it prettier (my go to is always monograms and color coding).

5.On Amazon, you can buy sets of backpack organizers for all of your needs! I would highly recommend this! It is such a great use of money and effort and keeps everything from blending together and getting messy!



1.Make sure to keep your cards separate from your cash to make it easier when you are checking out at a store.

2.Keep you ID’s and membership cards in one area to avoid confusion when in a rush.

3.Do not keep receipts that you do not need, this is only clutter!

4.I also keep a change purse on my keys with my license and card in it, so that if I am ever without my wallet, I have the necessities on me. I would recommend only keeping 2-3 cards in there to make use of it and your wallet.

5.Get rid of change as much as possible to avoid the thick and bulky look of a wallet and to not have as much going on.


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