10 Tips on How to Keep your Week (and Life) Organized!

With a million things going on at once, sometimes it is hard to make sure that everything is planned out and gets done. You are only human , and if you are a disorganized one , it makes it all that much harder to be able to keep everything on track to get done. Here are 10 tips to make sure that you can stay on top of things… and not feel stressed about it!

  1. On the Sunday before each upcoming week, sit down and review what you have to do this week (everything should be written down in a planner or on your phone for the easiest access). This ensures that you will not have any forgetful surprises and will always know what is to come next.
  2. Stay on-top of house hold chores to make sure that getting behind will not be an issue. Procrastination seems to pile up when everything else does as well.
  3. Meal Prep all of your meals on Sunday to ensure you are maintaining your healthy eating/ lifestyle  but still make time to make and prepare the food.
  4. As told to little children- “when you take something out, put it away.” Make sure to follow this rule for yourself as an adult too , avoiding clutter and more mess than necessary.
  5. Use an agenda or planner for month to month and over all planning but use a white board for week to week planning to stay on top of what is happening in the here and the now.
  6. Color Code or Label groups of items. For example: This could be very helpful in your pantry or bathroom space.
  7. Create daily to-do lists to make sure that you know what you have to accomplish each day to work up to your bigger goals for the entire week or month.
  8. Take time each season to clean out all  areas and de clutter and re organize. Take those items (whatever they might be: clothes, books, etc.) to good will or a consignment store.
  9. Set reminders on your phone 2 days and 1 day before something needs to be completed or due. This makes it easier to let your mind practice good habits as well as not stressing about forgetting something that is very important.
  10. Have a cleaning routine, choose tasks to do every morning or night. This creates a routine and makes it easier to follow. Even if you do this weekly, making it a habit will help it stick better.


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