Easy and Creative at Home Workout!

Here is a super effective and easy at Home workout! Working out is always a personal choice- whether you take a class or take 30 minutes of your day to do planks, push ups, etc. A 30 minute at home workout… is better than no workout! Always.

You can mix up this workout… take out or add in whatever you like to make it your own. It is always best to personalize your workouts to make sure you are getting the best and most effective use of your time and for your body. This workout is meant to be done at home so none of these exercises will require equipment.



-50 Russian  Twists , 20 Superman’s, and 20 straight leg raises. (repeat all 3x)

-30 Elbow to knee crushes, 40 bicycle switches, and 45 flutter kicks. (repeat all 3x)

-90 second plank.


20 Body squats, 20 fire hydrants each leg, and 20 jump squats (repeat all 2x)

-20 Step ups each leg (you can use a chair), 1 minute wall sit, and 15 Burpees (repeat all 3x)

-20 chair squats, 30 donkey kicks each leg, and 20 lying leg lifts each leg (repeat all 3x)


-25 push ups, 30 shoulder taps each arm, and 20 tricep push ups. (repeat all 3x)

-1 minute plank, 100 arm circles, and 10 inchworms (repeat all 2x)

-20 bent over fly’s, 100 no weight bi-cep curls, and 100 frontal raises with no weight (repeat all 3x)


-.5 mile run, 2 minute jump rope, and 100 jumping jacks (repeat all 2x)

-2 minutes of high knees, 1 minute butt kicks, and 1 minute skiers (repeat all 3x)

-1 minute mountain climbers, 1 minute jumping lunges, and 1 minute of jump squats (repeat all 3x)


I hope you enjoyed this! Drop comments down below!

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