What I’m Loving for New Years and What New Years Resolutions mean to me

New Years is always a time where people think to relax and make goals. New Years resolutions often have a stigma around them that they cannot be followed through with. To me, New Years is always about a fresh start and trying to give myself a chance to be better than I was the year before. It is not about the year starting over, it is about the milestone that you are trying to better yourself.This New Years, make attainable goals that you know you can keep. Keep in mind these things when making new years resolutions:

  1. How committed to this goal are you?
  2. How would this affect your life positively?
  3. How much time and effort can you put into making this goal happen?
  4. What issue in your life made you want to make this change? What will help you change this issue?
  5. In 10 years, will you keep this resolution? Will the change stick with you?


Making realistic goals can seem easy when you don’t have to take the time and effort to do them. It is important to keep in mind that the more effort and time you put into the goal, the more result you will get out of it. I usually try to make 3 goals that I think will better my life and my soul. This year my goals have to do with my Fitness journey and weight loss, being a kinder and more wholesome person, and making myself happy instead of relying on others to do so. It is very, simple to spit words out about what you are going to do differently in the New Year but it is also very, simple not to keep your word on them. Keep yourself accountable for your goals this year. Set reminders on your phone, set special time away to do them, or just try to think of anything you can to make sure that you are keeping yourself accountable.

Don’t fall under the stigma this year. Improve yourself and your life!


Here are some suggestions/ Products / quotes that I love this week:

  1. Quote:”Cheers to another chance to get it right.”
  2. Quote:”May all your troubles last as long as your New Years resolutions.”
  3. Suggestion:Make time to unplug and enjoy your life. Every website you find that talks about New Years resolutions will tell you to do this!
  4. Product:KETO coffee by ItWorks- I love mine! I incorporate mine into my protein shakes or just drink it as coffee. It is meant to burn carbs faster and energizes me throughout the whole day.
  5. Product: Jade Face Rollers- These have gotten such great reviews and are supposed to work wonders for your skin! Treating yourself with one of these could be a great way to start your new year off right!
  6. Suggestion: Journal every day to keep track of your goals and to clear your mind.
  7. Product: “The book of Self Care: Remedies for healing your mind, body, and soul.
  8. Quote: “Create your own happiness.”

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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  1. “It is not about the year starting over, it is about the milestone that you are trying to better yourself.” I think that is a great attitude. Here’s to us being better by the end of the year.

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