Bathroom Organization- Tons of Products and Not enough Space

Bathrooms can be difficult to organize and keep organized if you have a lot of products and not enough space. Here are tips on how to maximize your space and use what you have to work with:

  1. Sort your products into most used, used frequently, and only use on special occasions. Set the most used on the counter in a case, container, or box for maximum use. Set the other products neatly in a bathroom cabinet or closet.
  2. Throw out anything that is expired, never used, or that you will never use. Don’t keep clutter because you MIGHT use it one day.
  3. Keep your straighteners or curlers out of sight in a cabinet or neatly wrapped up in a box. The long cords can easily create a unappealing mess that can be easily fixed by wrapping cords and keeping them out of sight. Also decide if getting a hair station would be worth it to be able to keep everything on the counter, in one place neatly.
  4. Add extra towel racks in to your bathroom to keep counters free of anything. If you cannot, then just keep 1 hand towel on your counter.
  5. Decide if you really need ALL those products in your shower- Do you really need 3 types of shampoo or is it just extra clutter? Decide and De-clutter. Then, store the extras away for a later time.
  6. Use an over the toilet shelf or add new shelving on the walls to add aesthetic items, towels, or products to that can be easily accessible and used but look nice at the same time.
  7. Use Apothecary jars or Mason jars to keep Q-tips, Cotton balls, contacts, etc. It looks clean and neat while being fully functional.
  8. Use a woven bin to look nice while being a towel take- and – go. They are not huge space takers and it can be super functional.
  9. Use a Bathroom or Makeup cart (you can find these on Amazon or IKEA for inexpensive) to organize your makeup and have everything within reach if you prefer to have it out over a cabinet.
  10. Use drawer dividers for your makeup, brushes, etc. if you want to keep things from touching/ knowing where everything is all at once!

Stay organized!

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization- Tons of Products and Not enough Space

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about this! Our bathroom is the most cluttered. It also doesn’t have enough space for a laundry hamper. We tried hanging a laundry bag on the back of the door, but I hate that look. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I would suggest moving the hanging laundry basket/ hamper to another room- possibly a bedroom? You can keep the cutesy look of the functional basket while keeping it out of the bathroom.

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