10 Hair and Skin TIPS To Start Using in the New Year!

10 Tips to start your New Year off right with new hair and skin routines and suggestions! 

1.Use cleansers at night and exfoliating scrubs on your face in the mornings. Cleansers are more gentle on your skin before you go to sleep and are better for taking makeup and dirt off your face.

2. Make sure to drink plenty of water and maybe increase your water intake by 1-2 bottles a day. It is a known and easy way to improve the condition of your skin and has other health benefits as well.

3. Use non-toxic and organic body and face products. This way it is easier to target what is making you break out and what products are gentler on your skin. Brands like Murad or Whish will do much more for your skin than Neutrogena or Aveeno can and it will be easier to know how to target your skin type to treat it if you are using specific cleansers and products for your skin type and skin needs.

4. Eat foods with lots of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to replace the nutrients that your body needs and uses daily. Here are some example foods:

    • Bell peppers
    • Kiwi
    • Pineapple
    • Strawberries
    • Kale
    • Carrots
    • Butternut Squash

5. Take Biotin supplements to increase hair growth and skin cell reproduction. This allows more biotin to be produced within your body and helps the condition of your hair and skin and nails to improve.

6.  Use products on your hair to accommodate the season. Use more split end therapy and breakage products in the winter and Use more heat protection and anti frizz in the summer. Using them all at once can be too much and cause grease and dandruff, while if you focus on what your hair is needing right now it will be just enough to keep it healthy and acclimated to the weather.

7. Get your hair cut more in the winter to get rid of split ends and damaged hair to prevent it from splitting far up and causing more damage to your hair. Every 2 months is about the average for how long you should be waiting to get your hair cut. If you dye your hair, it might be a bit more frequently due to the damage that the dye creates for you.

8. Take a “Skin care quiz” online to find out what kind of products you should be using. Consulting a dermatologist is also a smart idea. It is important to find out what kind of products work best for you and your skin so a little trial and error is not a bad thing.

9. Use moisturize full face masks before you go to sleep to try and capture all of the nutrients while your skin is revamping over night. I would recommend a collagen or moisture face mask if you want to get the best results. Different face masks are used for different occasions but focus on moisture and health before bed time.

10. Put chamomile tea bags under/ on your eyes for 15 minutes to get rid of under eye circles. This is a natural remedy that is proven to work and give results fast for an inexpensive price.  Freezing them before hand is also a good way to get results faster (also you can rub cucumbers over your eyes first and this also works great in addition to the tea bags).

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