My top 5 Style Icons and WHY

There are few women that are known as world wide style icons. When you think of an “icon” it would not necessarily have to be someone who is not with us any longer.  Some of these women would be people like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. Their class and style is timeless and many look to model their own looks after them many decades later. But, there are newer style icons like the Kardashians or Jennifer Aniston or Emma Stone. But they do not share the same attraction and fame that the older do.

Here are the reasons why I chose these 5 women icons:

  1. Audrey Hepburn a timeless example of class and beauty. Her face is commonly used as interior design on prints or paintings all throughout the world. Her most famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” turned her into an icon for Tiffany &Co. which is not only a huge honor but a huge breakthrough for her career. Her oversized sunglasses and classic black dresses are still modeled today and made known as hers.
  2. Blake Lively the actress who is known for so much, including playing Sarina on “Gossip Girl” is always well dressed and looking her best. She is always wearing elaborate gowns or outfits and is always in the tabloids as “Best Dressed” or winning “Who wore it better?”. Married to Ryan Reynolds and now a mother, she has not lost any of her poise or glam with age.
  3. Kate Middleton has always been praised for her simple yet elegant style. From regular classmate to Duchess, she has never lost her roots and seems to handle everything situation with grace- with the matching outfit to go with it. She is known for wearing lots of subtle pant suits and dresses that look casual (but not too casual)yet not cheap.
  4. Jackie Kennedy also seems to be known for a timeless and classic style. Growing the popularity in pant suits and dress skirts, she was always dressed to the nines with her most first lady attire. She took a twist on feminine and made it her own, while always rocking some of her signature items.
  5. CoCo Chanel is another example of a working women who did it all for herself. She started the trend of “little black dresses” and her own brand which people will pay loads of money for. Her name itself is iconic and known to be of value, class, and prestige.

All of these women are so inspiring and I take items that would be known as their “signature or signature items” and make it my own on the daily! I love all of their styles and parts of their images that make them the icons that they are, in their own ways.

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