10 Tips for Staying Organized and Wrapping up Your New Year Right!

After the biggest Holiday season of the year, it can be very, hectic and hard to get back in the swing of things. Here are some tips to making sure that you are taking a step back and being grateful, and staying organized:

  1. If you are a Thank you Note writer for Christmas, make sure to get them out before the New year so you do not feel behind once those celebrations come around.
  2. Make sure any gifts you did not give friends or family before or on Christmas are already wrapped and set aside to give to those friends or family ASAP. Don’t put off giving presents just because you aren’t seeing someone, ship them if you have to, to get it out of the way and done!
  3. Make sure that before you are going back to work or school, you set aside time to clean up your areas and spaces to start things off right when you get back into your routines.
  4. Set aside time to spend time with your family and friends, to focus on the meaning of the season.
  5. Make reservations or plans for New Years earlier rather than later to make sure that you do not have to worry about it the day of or the day before.
  6. Take down your Christmas tree or Christmas decorations before the 1st, so that you start your year off fresh and not dwelling over when you are going to make time to do it.
  7. Sit down and spend time making New Years Resolutions that you can stick to and you think will benefit your life as a whole.
  8. Do something kind for yourself and give to yourself in the few days following Christmas.
  9. Spend time or Set aside some time volunteering and doing good for others or the community in the days following Christmas. Giving back can do good for your soul and end your year on the right note.
  10. Keep a To-Do List of everything that you need to do to make sure that you aren’t missing or skipping out on something. New Years is an important holiday to celebrate too, so don’t skip out on planning for it!

I hope you enjoyed these and that you had a very, Happy Holiday!

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