Hair and Skin Care TIPS for Winter and the Cold

It is hard to focus on the fact that different seasons require different amounts of care for skin and hair. Unfortunately, when it’s the busiest time of year, your hair and skin need the most attention! Some Tips and Tricks to keeping your Hair and Skin in Perfect Condition in the Cold Winter Months:


  • Less Washing and Straightening
  • More Hair Masks (for split end breakage or deep conditioning) and Products (for volume and breakage) to help growth and split ends
  • Wear it in different styles to help with breakage (high pony one day, low pony another, down another day)
  • Get rid of any shampoo or Conditioner with lots of sulfates in it (this can be very, damaging and tolling on your hair)
  • Change your pillowcases often and try a silk pillowcase (it is supposed to help breakage!)
  • Take a Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement to keep it strong!
  • Use styling cream and hairspray with a low alcohol content.


  • Face Masks (focus on moisturizing and brightening masks)
  • Lots of Moisturizer
  • Not using face wash that will dry out your skin
  • Focus on keeping it clean and not pounding on makeup
  • Give your moisturizer at least 5 minutes to set in before putting makeup on
  • Stray away from lots of exfoliating products that will make your skin dry out or become more sensitive (cleansers are usually more gentle than exfoliating scrubs)
  • Don’t take super hot showers- this allows more bacteria to get into your skin and opens your pores up.
  • Use a humidifier in your room to keep more moisturizer in the air!
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Take Warm Baths instead of Scalding hot baths (to avoid breaking down the lipid barriers in the skin)

I hope these are helpful!



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  1. These are very helpful. I always take the hottest bath I can stand, so thank you so much for the tip. Also I didn’t know about minimizing the amount of scrubs you should do on the delicate skin on the face, also very helpful. Thank you.

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