‘Tis the season of Stress: Stress and Anxiety Busters

The most wonderful time of the year! And also the most stressful. Buying gifts, going to holiday parties, decorating, and fitting everything in. Keeping your health and wellness in check can be difficult during these times. It is always important to do everything ahead of time (buying gifts, planning, organizing for the holidays) before hand. This year I personally bought all of my Christmas gifts in November so that I could relax and enjoy my December.

Here are some tips that I have for avoiding stress this Holiday Season:

  1. Get everything that you can done early, don’t procrastinate!
  2. Make time for yourself- don’t take things out of your schedule just because you have more going on. Working out and Self care is just as important as it was last month or the month before.
  3. Spend time with loved ones while you can, They won’t always be here and now is the time to cherish it and make memories.
  4. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t sign up for EVERY activity you can to volunteer, go to a play/show, take a trip, make something, donate something, contribute, etc. Plan your goodness out along the whole month to be able to give a lot but not give away all of your time and energy along with it-make it enjoyable.
  5. Treat yourself too! Don’t forget it is okay to indulge yourself after buying presents for others all month! Cut yourself some slack!
  6. Anything that needs to be shipped- get it shipped ASAP or pay for Express shipping so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  7. Try using essential oils or candles to promote relaxation and decrease stress.
  8. Reduce your caffeine intake if possible- this can decrease stress and is better for your body. Even though you might be more tired, less caffeine is better for your body.
  9. Take a warm bath! Use a Christmas or Festive bath bomb and spend time to relax and re-coop.
  10. Exercise is a natural stress and anxiety reliever. Even if it is only 3-4 times a week, make time for those workouts! It can help you more than you think and it will never harm you, it can only help!


December is a busy and stressful month! But, it doesn’t have to be. It should be a happy and exciting time. Use these tips & tricks to make sure that you enjoy the Holidays too- no matter what your responsibilities might be!


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