Product Review for the Week- CHECK THEM OUT!

This week, I am so thankful to have gotten so many goodies from a few cute companies who are all amazing! I would recommend checking out any of their shops. I am most interested when working with companies when they are great with communication and customer service- These shops do well at this!

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1.South East Monograms sent me….. Monogram stickers, Monogram mason jar ornament.


Review: This company is absolutely delightful! I love what they sent me. As shown below, they sent me several  monogrammed stickers and an ornament (just in time for Christmas)! Their creative and unique style picked products that they thought I would love and they truly captured it perfectly. All of these products are wonderfully made and well done. It is not cheaply produced or rushed throughout production.

About: This small business is run by 2 ladies from Georgia who care so much about having their customers happy and content. They work super hard and are great at what they do. They also have items like personalized popsicle holders, sand stakes, chapstick holders, etc. Everything you could imagine!


2 .ChibeeHandiCraft sent me…… Silk Pillowcase.


Review: This silk pillowcase is great for your hair and skin and has a multitude of benefits. I love mine! I had never tried a silk pillowcase before this, and I am so happy that I did. It was truly a wonderful surprise to try something new like this and to love it. I would highly recommend getting yourself/ your family some of these! This could also make a great Christmas present. Check out my discount code for this shop in my sidebar on the home page.

About: This small business is all about home and kitchen décor and lifestyle items. They have everything from patterned pillows to cutlery. They have very, quality items and business etiquette.

3. WordsandConfetti sent me…… Personalized Digital Downloads.


Review: WOW! I love these so much. Words and Confetti is the cutest darn shop and has everything you can think of. From downloads to pillows, and totes to décor, you name it! Their products are very, high quality and Lea (the shop owner ) is such a hard worker and is amazing at trying to get the best products to you. The customer service is above and beyond. The “Thank You” note cards are just so adorable (they’re my favorite).

About: This small company specializes in events like weddings, birthdays, etc. They have all of your essential needs to make beautiful decorations and décor for events or inside your home. Check them out if you have something coming up.

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