10 Tips to Staying Organized with a Busy Life

Life is crazy and hectic and a million things get in the way. It is hard (especially with a job, or kids, or outside activities) to stay focused on being clean, neat, and organized.

There are several ways to keep your house, room, or closet (even some of these could work for cars) neat easily:

  1. Color coding/sorting (to avoid confusion and to motivate you to keep colored items together)
  2. Use No-slip hangers (to avoid clothes falling down and making a mess)
  3. Keep a bin at your door for “dropping” (shoe bins, accessory bins, etc.) (to minimize clutter and to remind you more often to clean out the bin and to put things back)
  4. Block clutter with décor (use your book shelf to store valuables but spruce it up with decorations to make it look more homey and put together)
  5. Label everything (to avoid confusion and motivate you to keep those items together)
  6. Keep a daily to do list (Even if you do not complete everything on the list, it will remind you of what you still need to do and keep you accountable. Also, making a “today”, “tomorrow”, and “in the future” list can also be very, helpful to visualize your goals)
  7. Keeping your eating in the kitchen (to minimize the mess, crumbs, or trash in any area other than the kitchen and to create good habits)
  8. Taking trash or clutter out of an area once you are finished or done with the day (EX: taking clothes or other items out of your car when you have returned home for the day)
  9. Taking the extra time before you go to sleep to get ready for the next day (This is different for every person, but could be laying your clothes out for the next day or meditating/reflecting on the day that you’ve already had for closure, or planning everything that needs to be done the next day)
  10. Having a cleaning schedule (Whether you have maids or clean yourself, it is important to keep on schedule to make sure that it gets done. Also, throughout the week, if you notice something needs to be dusted or vacuumed, do it ahead of time. It never hurts to clean something twice. )

Everyone uses different strategizing to organizing their life, but these tips& tricks could easily be worked into anyone’s day to day life.


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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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  1. Some great ideas, so often overlooked! I do number 9 but only started recently and it definitely makes a difference. Just a couple of minutes at the end of the day to rest and give your brain a chance to sort itself out makes such a change for the following morning: you aren’t just waking up into the same chaos as the night before. Thanks 🙂

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