The Importance of Self Care

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“Self Care is not selfish. ” is the most important thing that I learned from a Christian girl’s retreat that I attended last Winter. I have always felt that I was spending too much money on self care (massages, manicures, etc.) or even taking too much time to do little things (face masks, take baths, or shop for myself.) Then, I realized how much more Self Care can be (spending times with friends, taking mental health days, or even getting myself something I have wanted for a while. ) Prioritize yourself and make sure that you connect with your needs to find what your craving and needing.

It is always important to take care of yourself and do little things for yourself every day. Some of my favorite little things are: putting on a face mask and relaxing, taking a bath, making time every day to workout and feel good, or going to lunch with my friends to get some needed time in with them. Even just taking a break from all the stress in my life and lighting a candle and just taking a 30 minute nap. When the holidays come around and everyone gets busier, it is very, hard to fit everything in.

This year, I am trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done in November so that I can enjoy my month of December stress free. I also take 10 minutes out of my day, every day, to meditate or reflect on how I can stay calm and find peace within my day (I use the apps Mindful and Headspace, and WYSA). I stay organized to relieve stress and try to make a “to-do” list every day for myself to visualize what I need to accomplish. Whatever you can do to alleviate your stress and tension, do it.

Little things go along way. Taking care of yourself should be first on every to do list. Today, take time to take a bath, read your favorite book, take a nap, or book a well deserved spa day. It is not selfish to take care of yourself, especially when life is so chaotic and crazy.

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