3 New Partnerships- Click these links and use my Codes if you are shopping!

I feel super lucky to have the opportunity to be able to partner with so many great companies! If you are shopping on these websites, please feel free to go through these links and use my codes! Thank you and Happy Shopping!


1.Happy Sloth CO. – A Company that raises money to donate towards helping endangered sloths.  Their main mission is to create awareness of the preservation and endangerment of sloths and to help make all of that happen. If you use my link down below, you will receive 15% off of your order!                                                                                                      Link: http://happysloth.co/discount/A15?rfsn=1950634.36034d


2. Bavella Boutique-  a super cute and stylish boutique for women that is in support of empowering women and always looking your best!                                                                       Use my code- paige20 for 20% off!                                                                                                    Link: https://www.bavella-boutique.com

3. YettaBelle- an italian made company specializing in women’s clothing, accessories, and customer care. Their clothes are so cute and in style and they always promote customer feedback and involvement. Go check it out!

Use my Code: PAIGE25


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