My Partnership with Freedom Found Co. and what it means to me

Starting off as a blogger can be hard especially when you are growing your brand by yourself. Reaching out to brands comes along with a lot of rejection and “no’s”. About 4 days after I started my blog, I got a message on Etsy from Freedom Found Co. I was instantly moved by their mission statement and adorable clothing lines… I was so excited when I kept reading on. They reached out about me becoming a partner and ambassador with them and I was shocked that I had come across such an oppurtunity when I had just started my blog. Of course I said yes, because their entire company and company mission was something that I supported and agreed with, which is hard to find.

I started head first with this company, having calls and emails back and forth with the company owner within the first few days of them contacting me. It was such a professional interaction and they’re business edicate was very, impressive. For being so young, I didn’t know if they would still want to partner with me, but they welcomed me with open arms and wanted me to work with them just the way that I am.

I highly recommend checking this company out. They’re products are to die for and they have something for every causal occasion. They are also totally affordable! They have great customer service, they’re presentation when sending it to you is so beautiful and well done, and their souls are so genuine.

If you still need convincing, then check out these super cute styles and then head on over to their website to buy them!! These are my personal favorites and I can’t wait to get them in the mail this week! ANOTHER great thing about this company is the amazing amount of support that they’ve given me and so many beautiful products to try! I am so blessed!

Check out their website or etsy shop for more info. and shopping! :

You can use my Discount code: PAIGE25 at the checkout for 25% off!

Check out their instagram and give them a follow! : @freedomfoundco

Check our their facebook page and be sure to like it! : Freedom Found CO.

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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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  1. What an amazing article, Paige! Thank you so much for your kind words about me and our company. We at Freedom Found Company are the blessed ones in this equation! Can’t wait to see how far you soar in your future ladybug.

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