How I get back on Track with my eating!

Eating something bad here or there is not unhealthy, it is actually good for your body to replenish the food that it was used to eating. Sometimes I will notice that after I cheat day, I will actually look thinner and healthier.

When I notice that my eating is out of my normal routine and that I have cheated a little too much.. I will start to cut out carbs, gluten, and dairy as much as I can. When I ate unhealthily, I ate A LOT of those things.

Here is what a perfect day of eating looks like for me:

  • Around 7am: a protein muffin or a cup of oatmeal with some kind of fruit as a side. OR toast with avacado and honey on top and a cup of tea with lemon in it.
  • Around 10am: a small snack of a protein bar or mixed nuts or/ and a belvita.
  • Around 12-1pm: LUNCH! I will eat a salad with some kind of meat/protein, a side of fruit, some kind of protein like nuts, a bar, etc. , and a fruit strip or some kind of sweeter option.
  • Around 5-6pm: DINNER! I will eat a meat like chicken or streak as my main meal with a side of veggies.
  • If I am hungry for something sweet: my go to’s are protein muffin or Halo Top Ice cream.
  • I always drink water throughout the day, but usually 1 cup of coffee with skim milk in the morning.

Now, this is a perfect day with no mistakes. I have a lot of days where I will want something sweet or salty and I let myself have it, just in small portions to control myself.

My best suggestion for when you get off track is meal prep or plan out your meals for the next week to make it easy to keep yourself accountable and stick with it! If you are ever hungry or want a snack right away, then have fruit, nuts, or some kind of low-fat, low-carb option to hold you over until your next meal.

The best benefit about healthy eating is that you have to eat less to keep you full because the good and benefit-rich foods will sustain your energy better. Also, your body gets use to not eating as much, since you don’t need to eat as much food when it is all protein rich, so you will lose weight very, easily this way.

Some of my other favorite healthy snacks:

  • Belvita Sandwich crackers – almond butter or chocolate.
  • Low salt Rice cakes with natural peanut butter and banana on top.
  • 100 calorie english muffin with almond butter and strawberries.
  • Protein shakes.
  • KIND bars.
  • Clif Builder’s Protein bars.


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