Etsy Shop Discount Codes& Snippets! MUST READ!!

Hi Y’all! I have discount codes from Etsy shops and I am so excited to share with you! I love supporting small businesses and Etsy is one of my favorite places to do so.

—-I have a few more companies in the works.

I am partnering with Freedom Found Co. ( #freedomfoundco #freedomfound #veteranownedandoperated  and a few others! I will update this post and new posts regarding all of my new partnerships/discount codes that I am working on.

Their Discount Code is : PAIGE25

I can’t wait to see all of you amazing people use these codes and support these small businesses!

  1. The Galaska Home– their candles are amazing!

About: The Galaska Home is a wonderful mix  of woodwork and handmade soy candles wrapped up in one with great prices and products made with love. I am a huge fan of their candles and creator (the amazing Capri Galaska, yoga instructor extraordinaire).

Review: Love! 10/10 would recommend. Strong scents with candles that last and look adorable in every setting. There are scents for everyone and the strategically thought out descriptions which make it easy to pick a candle for your every mood!

Discount Code: PAIGE25 for 25% off!



2. Weighted Anxiety Blankets from Wanderer Custom Designs Shop: handmade and washable. Love mine, I would highly recommend!

About: Weighted Anxiety Blankets are meant to calm stressed or anxious people and relieve tension with in yourself.

Review: Reach out to find more about this business! Some of the customers will need to customize the weight of their blanket based on your height and weight. Many suppliers will use toxic substances to fill their blankets, Wanderer Custom Designs Shop uses non-toxic and washable materials to make their products!

Discount Code: PAIGE15 for 15% off!



3. Sunglass Museum Shop

About: This company is very, professional and driven to please all aspects of their customers needs! It is very exciting to be working with them and I am very thankful for this oppurtunity!

What they offer for you and What they’re products are like: These products are Vintage Dead Stock sunglasses and products from the 80’s and 90’s.

This company is sending me the Macy (oval Kurt Cobain clout vintage sunglasses) and Trudy( round mod vintage sunglasses) sunglasses to review ! I am so excited to post about it!




4. Silk Pillowcases from ChibeeHandiCraft:

About: Silk Pillowcases provide a restful night’s sleep and numerous benefits for hair and skin.

Review: I will be reviewing my pillow case when it comes in the mail from them! I am super excited to try it and let y’all know what you think!

Discount Code: –Will update when I receive from them, waiting for a response back from their original proposal!



5. Then Maya Said Shop Products

About: A New York based company with many different types of styles and offers for customers.

Review: I would highly recommend this US based brand who is a super cute and trendy way to spice up your closet and accessories/every needs!

Discount Code: –Will update when I receive from them, waiting for a response back from their original proposal!



About: This is a creative twist on a classic. This shop is so awesome and different! I was so excited to see their products and what they bring to the table!

Review: What a cute twist on a classic! This is a perfect way to be one of a kind and add a little bling to your every day.

Discount Code: PAIGE15



7. PCB Home Shop- Home Decor and Everything in Between

About: PCB Home is a shop for personalized script dish towels, tote bags, script font signs, makeup bags, and more!

Review: Love their products! Prices are super reasonable and they have a super cute homey and cozy vibe. I could highly recommend their products.

Discount Code: BLOG10REVIEW



8. Hello You Candles Shop

About: Based in California, this shop offers a plethora of options for any scent you can imagine! They ship quickly and have adorable fonts and scripts to make them visually pleasing and adorable!

Review: Super cute candles with a cozy and sweet-scented twist!! Would recommend!

Discount Code: helloyou10


9. South East Monograms Shop

About: I can’t wait to get my goodies from this cute shop! They have everything monogram and beyond!

Discount Code: –Will update when I receive from them, waiting for a response back from their original proposal!


10. South East Monograms

About: South East Monograms is a super cute and southern twist on monogramming and all things cutesy! I can’t wait to receive my goodies from them coming soon! They are a very, hardworking and dedicated company who value their customers so much!

Review: I will be reviewing their products soon when they send them my way! I can’t wait to tell y’all about them.

Discount Code: PMBLOG10


11. Freedom Found Co

About: A veteran-owned and Dallas, Texas based company full of hard working people who strive to create the most affordable, fashionable, and best quality products for their customers. This company out does themselves.

Review: I would highly recommend buying from this company and checking their website out, they have so much to offer and it is eye opening how wonderful small businesses can be with customer service! I am so excited to be partnering with them.

Discount Code: PAIGE25


12. Baltic Green

About: Baltic Green is a company which focuses on green and natural products specializing in linens, duvets, aprons , robes, pillow cases, and bedding sets. Basically, if your looking for all things home and interior- this is the place to go.

Review: Super cute! Love this cutesy little shop and their mission to be natural.

Discount Code: NATURAL



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