Essential Oils and How I use them daily

Natural Remedies have always been important to me and my family. Supplements, Oils, and practicing wellness has always been apart of my daily life. I use a diffuser every night when I got to sleep (I just got mine from Home goods but Amazon or Walmart diffusers work fine), and I have a roller ball in my purse for “happy mood”. Doterra essential oils are my favorite because of the plethora of options and benefits. My personal favorite to put in my diffuser is a combination of lavender and peppermint, to help relax and feel soothed before I go to sleep. Finding your favorites and what works for you is always important and each person is different, especially when it comes to smells and senses. The benefits for using essentail oils on a daily basis are numerous and the small investment is defintley worth it!

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I am so excited to start this chapter of my life! It is so humbling and wonderful to try something new and to love every second of it. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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