10 Tips to Staying Organized with a Busy Life

Life is crazy and hectic and a million things get in the way. It is hard (especially with a job, or kids, or outside activities) to stay focused on being clean, neat, and organized.

There are several ways to keep your house, room, or closet (even some of these could work for cars) neat easily:

  1. Color coding/sorting (to avoid confusion and to motivate you to keep colored items together)
  2. Use No-slip hangers (to avoid clothes falling down and making a mess)
  3. Keep a bin at your door for “dropping” (shoe bins, accessory bins, etc.) (to minimize clutter and to remind you more often to clean out the bin and to put things back)
  4. Block clutter with décor (use your book shelf to store valuables but spruce it up with decorations to make it look more homey and put together)
  5. Label everything (to avoid confusion and motivate you to keep those items together)
  6. Keep a daily to do list (Even if you do not complete everything on the list, it will remind you of what you still need to do and keep you accountable. Also, making a “today”, “tomorrow”, and “in the future” list can also be very, helpful to visualize your goals)
  7. Keeping your eating in the kitchen (to minimize the mess, crumbs, or trash in any area other than the kitchen and to create good habits)
  8. Taking trash or clutter out of an area once you are finished or done with the day (EX: taking clothes or other items out of your car when you have returned home for the day)
  9. Taking the extra time before you go to sleep to get ready for the next day (This is different for every person, but could be laying your clothes out for the next day or meditating/reflecting on the day that you’ve already had for closure, or planning everything that needs to be done the next day)
  10. Having a cleaning schedule (Whether you have maids or clean yourself, it is important to keep on schedule to make sure that it gets done. Also, throughout the week, if you notice something needs to be dusted or vacuumed, do it ahead of time. It never hurts to clean something twice. )

Everyone uses different strategizing to organizing their life, but these tips& tricks could easily be worked into anyone’s day to day life.



My Favorites This Week- 11/17

Happy Fall and Happy Christmas Shopping Season!


1.Pumpkin Bread- I love all things fall and my mama makes the best pumpkin bread! Like seriously, I look forward to whenever she makes it. Below I will post a link to a yummy recipe!


Pumpkin Bread

2. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm– This is honestly the best lip balm I’ve ever owned. It gives a glossy and smooth while still smelling and feeling great!


Slide View: 1: Smith's Rosebud Salve Tube


3.Freedom Found Co. “Eat Cake for Breakfast” V-neck– This is such a soft and comfy shirt made by a company who loves to give back… What else could you ask for? All of their items are so comfortable and affordable, it is truly a breath of fresh air. Be sure to check out their Etsy shop!



#freedomfoundco #freedomfound #veteranownedandoperated

image 0

4.Modern Vintage Boutique “Hello Darling” Checkered Pants– These are so comfy and cute! Paired with a white top, there is nothing not to love about these. They are also festive and adorable and on CLEARANCE right now!!


Image 1

-this is not me, this is a picture that is shown on their website.

5.Teleties– I love my Teleties. I constantly keep them in my backpack, purse, car, room, and bathroom. They do not indent my hair and keep it looking good even after wearing a ponytail for several hours. I would highly recommend, they are also a lot more durable than normal ponytails.


We can't wait to reveal our amazing collaboration that will be launching in a few weeks! For now, here is a sneak peek 😉

6.I love Jewerly “Happy Fall Pajama Set“- I cannot wait for these pajamas to come in! I ordered them about 2 weeks ago (since they are monogrammed they take longer to come in) but I cannot wait to try them on and get in the Fall spirit! I love anything and everything from this website.

Monogram Happy Fall Pajama Set

Monogram Happy Fall Pajama Set

-this is not me, this is a picture shown on their website.


7. Diffuser for essential oils– I got mine from Home Goods, but it is easy to find one online or in Walmart, Target, etc. You do not need a big fancy one to get the job done. I love mine and put it on before I go to sleep every night or when I am feeling especially stressed out.

Here is the link to one that is reasonably priced and got good reviews: (my mama actually has this one, she adores it and uses it every day!)



VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Office Home Bedroom Living Room Study Yoga Spa - Wood Grain

The Importance of Self Care

Happy Thursday!

“Self Care is not selfish. ” is the most important thing that I learned from a Christian girl’s retreat that I attended last Winter. I have always felt that I was spending too much money on self care (massages, manicures, etc.) or even taking too much time to do little things (face masks, take baths, or shop for myself.) Then, I realized how much more Self Care can be (spending times with friends, taking mental health days, or even getting myself something I have wanted for a while. ) Prioritize yourself and make sure that you connect with your needs to find what your craving and needing.

It is always important to take care of yourself and do little things for yourself every day. Some of my favorite little things are: putting on a face mask and relaxing, taking a bath, making time every day to workout and feel good, or going to lunch with my friends to get some needed time in with them. Even just taking a break from all the stress in my life and lighting a candle and just taking a 30 minute nap. When the holidays come around and everyone gets busier, it is very, hard to fit everything in.

This year, I am trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done in November so that I can enjoy my month of December stress free. I also take 10 minutes out of my day, every day, to meditate or reflect on how I can stay calm and find peace within my day (I use the apps Mindful and Headspace, and WYSA). I stay organized to relieve stress and try to make a “to-do” list every day for myself to visualize what I need to accomplish. Whatever you can do to alleviate your stress and tension, do it.

Little things go along way. Taking care of yourself should be first on every to do list. Today, take time to take a bath, read your favorite book, take a nap, or book a well deserved spa day. It is not selfish to take care of yourself, especially when life is so chaotic and crazy.

Pure Barre

My all time Favorite workout is Pure Barre. They have 3 different class: Classic, EmPower, and Reform. I started Pure Barre about a year ago and have taken about 250 classes at my home studio. Pure Barre is a workout designed to lift and tone the body using small isometric movements. Classic is a class formed of all small movements for your core, arms, thighs/legs, and seat. This class is about 50 minutes long. EmPower is a cardio based class which combines classic movements with a platform and wrist/ankle weights, the class being about 45 minutes long. Reform is a pilates based class with resistance bands and sliders, about 50 minutes long. Each class offers something different and to offer the most effective results, you are supposed to take 1-2 of each class a week.

I wake up at 5:30 every day to take the 6:15 class in South Riding. I haven’t always been a morning person, but I now am because my body clock has significantly switched and I go  to sleep around 9:00 every night. It is sometimes difficult to wake up so early, and most days I lack the motivation to workout that early. It’s not particularly normal for kids my age to have this schedule, but I do what works for me and my busy schedule. My weight loss journey started when I was 15, and I lost 30 pounds. I did this with the help of  a personal trainer and healthy eating, and eventually Pure Barre. I have found that the most difficult weight loss secret is how to keep the weight off. Pure Barre is not always the biggest calorie burner, and it is the majority of my workouts during the week. I workout at the gym 1-2 times a week, but mostly rely on Pure Barre to keep myself healthy. Although I have learned the hard way that eating healthy is the key to keeping weight off, working out daily has just became apart of my every day life. The toning and tightness is what I strive to get from my Pure Barre workouts which is important to me and has been throughout my entire weight loss journey.

Pure Barre is a amazing environment filled with strong women who take the time every day to workout and make time for themselves. I started Pure Barre on a whim, trying the free week out. I never knew how good it would make me feel and how drastic the results would be. In college, I hope to work at Pure Barre Oxford as an instructor and continue my fitness journey from there:)

I would highly recommend starting Pure Barre as a trial and deciding after 10 classes if you like it or not.

What I’m Loving This Week- 11/11

Some beauty & Lifestyle products !

  1. Ulta Beauty Tanning Lotion “Self Glow”- This tanning lotion is cheap but works well! I use my 1-2 times a week regularly. I use the dark tone and it doesn’t make me look orange and gets me tan!                                                           th?id=OP.9%2b9qfSIG5Rdqqw300C300&pid=21.jpg



2. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Vanilla- Right after I get out of the shower, this is the perfect moisturizer! It’s easy to rub in and keeps me moisturized throughout the day with no issues! If I’m not using tanning lotion then I use this!




3. Home Goods pillows!- you can never go wrong with some Home Goods pillows, festive or not, they’re the best! I have like 10 on my bed!!                              t_140x140.jpg

  • You can probably find the best options in a Home Goods store.


4. Key Chain Bracelets (bangle and babe)- This is a key-chain bracelet that you hook onto your keys and it serves as a over-sized bracelet to wear around your wrist when your shopping or on the go. It is also a lot easier to find my keys in my messy purse with this! Love mine!



5. Freedom Found Co “Barre Belle” t-shirt- so comfy and perfect for my workouts! Love the material and the saying that ALL of their products have on them. Talk about an America&Jesus loving company for a great cause!





6. Marley Lilly Monogrammed Sneakers- mine just came in the mail and they are so darn cute and comfy! Perfect for lounging around or working out.



7. Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume- I wear mine every day! Of all the designer perfumes I have ever tried, this is my favorite and it lasts the longest (through-out the day and the bottle itself). I would highly recommend giving it a try, I love the rollerball,  lotion, and body wash in this scent too!